Jay’s Week In Wrestling Podcast Episode 52: Royal Rumble Preview Show!!!

Jay is back with his 2 special guests Sammy Muniz and Hector “Ghost” Rivera with a jam-packed show. The Royal Rumble PPV is Sunday night and it starts Wrestlemania season and they guys bring this great show to start it off.

Jay and the guys get into the WWE network US streaming rights being sold to NBC’S Peacock Streaming service. Was it a good business move the guy discuss it.

2020 ended on a bad note with the unfortunate death of Brodie Lee. The guys discuss memories of the late former WWE and AEW star. Speaking of AEW at the Revolution PPV Sting will make his in-ring return and Cody Rhodes takes on NBA hall of fame Shaquille O’Neil. The fellas will give their input on that.

The guy talks about outside music used for pro wrestlers entrance theme songs in a cool little segment. The show is capped off by Royal Rumble predictions and some UFC talk getting into the McGregor/Poirier PPV from last week.

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