Jay’s Week In Wrestling Podcast episode 47: Owen Hart Tribute Show

Jay is back with a very special episode of the podcast with a tribute to the late great Owen Hart.

Sndpodcast Channel · Jay’s Week In Wrestling Podcast episode 47: Owen Hart Tribute Show

Dan Behan of the SND podcast is a special guest on the show. the guys in 2 segments give their thoughts and memories of the late superstar who tragically lost his life on a live WWE PPV back in 1999. With the season finale of the Darkside of the ring docuseries and with it being the 21st anniversary of the death of Owen Hart Jay decided to do something different and special. The guys not only get into the life and tragic death of the man but speak his matches and rivalries throughout his career. The guys also give their opinions on the docuseries. Owen left a legendary and fantastic legacy behind and he will never be forgotten. May he continue to Rest In Peace.

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