Jay’s week in wrestling podcast episode 46: Ricky Reyes

Jay is joined by pro wrestling superstar the  “Havana Pitbull”

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Sndpodcast Channel · Jay’s week in wrestling podcast episode 46: Ricky Reyes

Jay talks to Ricky about his successful career in pro wrestling. The guys get into how Ricky found the love for wrestling and what drove him to want to become a pro wrestler. Ricky has wrestled and applied his craft all over the world, and the guys get into the different styles that come with different territories. Ricky talks about his time training in the school of hard Knox and the New Japan dojo. The guys get into Ricky’s time in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Japan, Ring of Honor, and Lucha Underground. The guys also talk about the current state of the pro wrestling industry and what the future holds. Thanks for listening and Jay will be back next week with episode 47 right here on the SND Podcast channel.

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