Giants Pre Game- MetLife Bowl

Tonight is what the NFL world call the third preseason game as the dress rehearsal. Tonight the Giants face off vs their MetLife Stadium neighbors The New York Jets.

Tonight is the night where the starting units play for at least the first half of games maybe even play a little into the third quarter. So it should be interesting to see how both teams starters react to playing more then they have had for the past seven months in game situations.

Giants to Watch

  • Eli Manning- Obviously we don’t care about how Eli does stats wise. But I want to see how Eli looks especially since he didn’t play in the game last week and isn’t going to play vs the Patriots. I just want to see him look smooth and ready to go.
  • Davis Webb- For the third week in a row I want to see how he adjusts to another week being able to play in a game. This is the third game so I expect the Jets to have a little bit of a game plan installed this week since this game is treated like almost a real game. So I want to see what he is made of when the jets throw more at him.
  • Alec Ogletree- Let’s see how he handles pass coverage this week. Unfortunately he has been beat twice this preseason. Once in each game. I hope since we expect him to play longer. We will be able to see him make more plays all over the field so we can really appreciate his talents before the season starts.

Jets to Watch

Sam Darnold- There is a good chance that he is going to be starting this game and maybe be the opening day starter. I’m sure he will be excited to show people that the Giants made a mistake not taking him in the draft. That really isn’t the most important thing to see out of him. We just need to see him be able to remain calm and be able to adjust under pressure and make smart reads. This is pretty much going to be the key test for him to be the week one starter or not.

Teddy Bridgewater- Here’s another week to show the NFL that He is all healed up from his awful injury a few years ago. Teddy has been playing really well. It will be interesting to see if a team around the league gets desperate and try to trade for him especially if the Jets choose to go with Darnold week one.

All I have to say is thank god there are only eight quarters left of the preseason. Like I’ve been saying, I hope both teams stay healthy and play well so both fan bases have good tases in their mouths for week one which is another week closer. Enjoy Go Giants!

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