Giants Gameday- Here Kitty Kitty

Week one of the 2018 season is here! Patrick Ramsey and the Jacksonville Jaguars head into New Jersey to face the Giants.

Today is going to be a very interesting game for many reasons. Like I’ve mentioned though out the whole pre season. The coaches never really had a real game plan. So it’s our first look at how our offense and defense with our starters playing for the whole game and guys like Odell Beckham Jr and Saquon Barkley who barely played so they should both add the extra explosiveness to the offense.

Keys Today’s Game

  • Protect Eli- It’s sounds like easy concept. But the Jaguars defense was one of the top defensive units in the whole league. The front four might be the best in the league. With the new look offensive line it can be along day. It will be important especially with the rain to set up the running and screen passing game to keep their d-line honest.
  • Contain Leonard Fournette- The Jag’s offense runs though him. So they have to make sure the contain him. Stay in their running lanes and gang tackle.
  • Force Blake Bortles To Pass- With his track record in recent years and how shallow the receiving depth chart is. They have to prove that they are respectable and help Fournette and the offense not be one Dimensional. The blitz have to come and come often to rattle them.

Matchup of the Game-

Odell Beckham Jr Vs. Patrick Ramsey- It’s the Marquee match up that everyone has been waiting for since the schedule came out. Who will get the upper hand it will be interesting to see!

Week One is here grab your beer, chips and favorite food and relax and enjoy some football! I’m expecting and old school style of football especially with the rain!! Go Giants!

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