Giants Game-Day Vs. Tampa Bay

Like in the original Dumb and Dumber, Lloyd Christmas who was played by Jim Carey falls desperately in love with Mary Swanson. Even when he still finds out she is married, he still asks her “so you are still saying there is a change?!” Well that’s the spot the Giants are in today. Only five teams have made the playoffs since starting the season 0-3. The last team to do so was the 1998 Buffalo Bills. So I’m going to be Lloyd Christmas right now even though I know its slim to make the playoffs but are you saying there is a chance?

Today at 4:05 pm the New York Football Giants are facing  everyone’s “sexy” pick this offseason the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Tampa Bay.  First things first, are the Bucs really a sexy pick when legit every one thinks the same thing?  I’m not hating because like everyone else I think the Bucs do have a ton of potential to make noise in the NFC South and the NFC in a whole. They are going to be another tough challenge for the Giants to overcome! Here are my keys to the Giants first victory of the season!

  1. Can the run defense this week stop the run?   Was last week a fluke or will it start to become a weekly trend? I think it was a fluke last week to be honest with the giants  giving up 198 yard in a game. I think with B.J Goodson back at  middle linebacker after missing the last two weeks will be more stable then un-drafted rookie Calvin Munson. Along with Goodson back. the Bucs are very thin at running back. Their starter Doug Martin is still in the middle of his suspension and will not play. They get to face lesser players but still solid players in Rodgers and Sims at running back.
  2. Can the defense read keys and stay in their gaps?  It’s going to be huge today because if the play breaks down, quarterback Jameis Winston can move around in the pocket and run if all hell breaks loose. The Giants have had moments the last few weeks vs. mobile quarterbacks and didn’t do a great job reading their keys which resulted in 1st downs. If they stopped them for a loss or a minimal gain, they could of forced punts.
  3. Can the offense build on last week’s fourth quarter? Like everyone knows last Sunday in Philly was the first time since the Browns game last year in November,  the Giants scored more then 20 points in a game. It would be nice if it was more balanced and don’t wait until the fourth quarter for score the 24 unanswered points.  I think they will keep doing the hurry up/no huddle offense which seemed to work last week. It seems to me that Eli was able to get rid of the ball quicker because of this approach. Also as a result of this approach, the offensive line was able to protect Eli longer.

      Matchup of the Game- WR. Desean Jackson vs. CB. Eli Apple.  We all know the history DJax has vs the Giants ( I’m still shaking just thinking of them) he is a Giants killer. I’m expecting him to go up vs. Eli Apple who has been struggling a little bit. He has been there to make plays but for whatever reason he is late turning his head around and not making plays on the ball. If he fixes that, luck will be on his side and he will convert on some interceptions or pass deflections.

It’s going to be another tight game so fasten you’re seatbelts everyone. Like I mentioned in the start, only five teams have made the playoffs since starting 0-3. They do not want to start 0-4 obviously because no team has ever dug themselves out of that hole. The giants have shown moments of what they can possibly be and what everyone predicted in the offseason.  Hopefully they stay together as a team and fight though this adversity! As always LETS GO GIANTS!

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