Giants Game Day: Operation Don’t Look Bad on Hard Knocks

Tonight the Giants start off this years pre season schedule at home vs the revamped Cleveland Browns!

Since tonight is the first game of the preseason I’m obviously not expecting a lot from most of the starters since they will most likely only play for a drive or two. So the most important thing from the starters to do is play loose and stay healthy!

It’s going to be interesting to see how the backups play and they will be plastered all over videos not only for the coaches but since the Browns are this years team on HBO “Hard Knocks” for the nation to see.

Since this is the first game of the new coaching staff it will be interesting to see a glimpse of what styles our offense and defense can potentially be this year since they obviously don’t install a lot in the game plans in the preseason.

Giants Players to watch-

  • Qb Davis Webb- He should be getting more then half the snaps in this game. It will be interesting to see how much he has improved by having s whole season studying and learning with Eli Manning. Since he obviously hasn’t played since last preseason.
    Rb Saquon Barkley- not expecting him to play a lot but it’s one of the moments we been waiting for months. Seeing him suit up in a Giants uniforms in a game setting.
    Safety Curtis Riley- His nickname is Boobie Miles after the star running back from book and movie “Friday Night Lights” He gets first crack at the starting safety Next to Landon.
    Center Jon Halapio- Just like Riley he is getting first dibs on the starting center spot over last years starter Brett Jones. It will be interesting to see how how he makes the calls on the line and plays well.
    Kicker Aldrick Rosas- He had a great camp last year and was able to beat out Veteran Mike Nugent. He had a very meh regular season last year. Does he have another good camp to make this years team.

Brown to watch

Baker Mayfield- Lets be real the only person I really care about watching on the Browns especially since he should be getting a bulk of playing time with the second team offense.

It’s exciting to have some sort of football back. Will it be a fun game to watch, probably not but it’s Giants football. Hopefully everyone stays healthy and plays well!

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