Giants Game Day- It’s Over!

It’s finally over! Tonight is the final game of preseason. The Giants face the New England Patriots.

Unlike the other games in the preseason we know for a fact that more then half of the starters on each team do not play this game. So hopefully guys who are looking to make the final roster seal their own faith with good play on the field.

Tonight is another night for Davis Webb to put good film of himself. Since this might be the last opportunity for him to play in game like situations for hopefully until next preseason.

I’m also interested to see who wins out the final spots in the secondary and the final wide receiver spot on the roster. It’s really going to come down to the guys who are able to contribute on special teams as well as their main position on the field.

Thank god the preseason is over, I can’t wait to watch games that count against you’re teams record and watch the starters for more then a half. Hopefully everyone stays health and makes good films of themselves so if they don’t make the teams another team takes a chance on them.

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