Giants @ Cowboys Week 1 Preview

Well, it’s finally here, week 1 of the NFL season. Giants are traveling down to Arlington, Texas to face off with division rivals, the Dallas Cowboys. A lot of storylines coming into this game we can look at here.

It’s week 1- It’s like the 1st day of school. You want to go out there and set an example. You want to go out and earn the respect for the rest of the season. For the Giants, it is a chance to show what the offense can do, which we will discuss later in this article. It’s also a time for the Giants to show one of the top defenses from a year ago. For the Cowboys, it’s a chance to show off the new defensive front. It’s also a chance for the Cowboys show if Dak and Zeke (who will play) are going to have sophomore slumps or be the same players that should have been Co-rookie of the years.


Sophomore slump– The Cowboys arguably had two players last year that could have been co Rookie of the years. Ezekiel Elliott, and Dak Prescott, who would end up winning the award, became the faces of the Cowboys in 2016. The question becomes, will it continue in year 2. I’m not worried about Zeke to be honest, who recently won the chance to play all season, as you can see more about on . A lot of people are going to say how Zeke only played in 1 preseason game, but he did the same thing last year, which is smart, no need to waste his miles. As for Dak, I am a little worried. Not because of it being his second season. I’m more afraid because last year, to start the season, he was just the injury replacement. He had pressure because he played for the Cowboys, but he could go out there and just kind of sling it. This year, he is the guy, he is the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. I’m not saying it is going to be a problem I’m just excited to see how it plays out.

Will OBJ play? After spraining his ankle against the Browns in the second preseason game, OBJ has yet to be cleared to be 100%. AS of the 9/9, he is listed as questionable for the game, and flew with the team to Dallas. My personal view, he plays. Look at 2007, Plaxico practiced I believe 1 time all season with the Giants, he ended up being just fine. Two seasons ago, on Sunday Night football vs the 49ers, the Giants needed 1 final drive to win the game, OBJ would get hurt. He missed a couple of plays, he came back on the field and completely changed the drive. Not by making a crazy catch, by just being on the field.  I expect similar this week, expect.

New Cowboys Defensive- Last year the Cowboys defense, finished 14th in total defense. A lot of people believed it was the weak part of the team. Bring in new players like such as Nolan Carrol, Damontre Moore, and Stephen Paea via free agency. Focusing on defense in the draft as well, as taking Taco Charlton in the 1st, Chidobe Awuzie in the 2nd and Jourdan Lewis in the 3rd. They will also have Jaylon Smith, 2016 2nd rounder who missed all the 2016 season with a knee injury. Smith was supposed to be early first round pick, until he suffered tears to his ACL and LCL in his last college game. Despite a not having Randy Gregory, David Irving and Damontre Moore for this game, expect the young guys to come out with a chip trying to prove a point this year.Taco Charlton Cowboys 1st Round 2017_1493438261305_20289466_ver1.0_640_360  Jaylon Cows 2

Giants Returning Defense- Ranking 10th in total defense and ranking 4th in rushing defense, the Giants are going to look to get back to their big blue wreaking crew ways this week. Resigning Jason Pierre-Paul and drafting 2nd round pick Dalvin Tomlinson, the team is back from 2016. The Giants went 2-0 vs the Cowboys in 2016, who finished the year 13-3. The Giants held the Cowboys to two of the worst rushing days for the season, holding them to only 209 rushing yards. They were also able to hold the Cowboys top receiver, Dez Bryant to two of his worst games of his career, holding him to a total of 2 catches and 18 yards total. The Giants defense will look to continue its great play from a year ago, starting this week.

image Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 8.33.49 PM

It is only week 1– Both teams just don’t like each other. The Giants vs Cowboys rival has been going on for a long time. The Cowboys may have the all-time series record, 62-46-2 , but the Giants have won the last 3, and also the only playoff matchup between the two teams in 2008.


But those numbers mean nothing when they play each other. I expect both teams coming out fast and hungry. Both teams are going to want to set the mark on what can be promising seasons for both teams. However, both should realize that it is week 1, the NFL season is a marathon, not a sprint.

Prediction- Despite having the best offensive line in the sport, I think the Giants defensive line will give their corner backs enough time to put a stop to the wideouts of the cowboys. In my opinion, they need to let Zeke run, kind of like the game plan was last year. It’s going to come down to the wire, and be a field goal game at the end with the Giants winning the game 17-14 in an old school classic NFC East defensive match up.

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