Giants 2018 Schedule

Like I mentioned this morning in my mock! Which I’m glad I got two games right (not to pat myself on the back or anything) schedule release day is always fun seeing the order of the games finally set in stone.

It’s crazy that even after a 3-13 the Giants still have to face off against six teams who made the playoffs (of course twice vs the defending champions Eagles). As of April 19 the start of the season looks really tough and it smooths out as the season goes on.

Week 1 Jacksonville- Wow, the Giants start the season at home since 2012! Scary thought but it’s true! The Giants will be welcoming back a member of their ring of honor Tom Coughlin. The Media dubbed it as the Coughlin Bowl. It’s going to be interesting to see how Jaguars look after their magical season last year.

Week 2 @Dallas- Like I joked this morning in my mock it felt like the Giants the last few years always started the season vs the Cowboys in Dallas that it felt like it might of became a yearly thing. I really don’t need to express how important this game is. It’s a Sunday night football game on the road vs a division rival..

Week 3 @Houston- Thanks Ed Sheeran, just kidding but he will be having two shows at MetLife Stadium that weekend so this was going to be a road game regardless who it would of been. Back to back weeks in the state of Texas is going to be a tough test. The Texans have a ton of potential and have exciting players to watch on both sides of the ball.

Week 4 New Orleans- Other then the home games vs the division this game is going to the game I’m looking forward to going to the most! I’ve always liked and respected Drew Brees. It also doesn’t hurt the fact that they had one of the best seasons out of anyone last year. It will be interesting to see if they can be as good as they were last season?

Week 5 @ Carolina- The Dave Gettleman revenge game. His new team vs the team he was the general manger for a few years. So that will be the story line going into this week. It’s always fun to watch Cam Netwon play football.

Week 6 Philly- This will be on Thursday Night Football. It will be interesting how both teams handle the short week. I’m going to have to call out of work to get to the tailgate early for this one! Like I said about the cowboy game there isn’t really much to say other then playing the defending champions who happen to be you’re rival in prime time.

Week 7 @Atlanta- This game is the first of two times the Giants will be on Monday Night Football this season. The Giants will have a ten days to prepare for this game. It’s going to be interesting to see if they take advantage of that nice break.

Week 8 Washington- Like I mentioned vs the Cowboys and Eagles it’s a divisional game. Have to be ready to go for this one. It’s going to be interesting to see how Alex Smith is doing during his first year with the Redskins. Hopefully the defense gives him a warm Meadowlands welcome.

Week 9 Bye Week-

Week 10 @ San Francisco- This game is the second and final Monday Night Football game is the year. Will Jimmy G bring the same attention he brought at the end of this season.

Week 11 Tampa Bay- Welcome home JPP! This will be the first time the former Giant comes back to NJ to play his former team.

Week 12 @ Philly- Second and final regular season game vs the two teams. Hopefully this game will be meaningfully for both teams and will help dictate the division.

Week 13 Chicago- This will be a nice traditional throw back game vs two of the more story franchises in the NFL.

Week 14 @ Washington- Another challenging road game in the division. Do they have what it takes to play smart sound winning football in early December?

Week 15 Tennessee- I’m drawing a blank here. Other then facing and seeing Marcus Mariota hopefully both teams are in playoff hunt to make this one interesting.

Week 16 @ Indianapolis- Will Andrew Luck be healthy by this game? Time will tell!

Week 17 Dallas- For the season finale vs the hated Cowboys will this be a meaningful game for either team or will both teams just trying to finish the season on a strong note. Hopefully this game is for a playoff spot or for the division!

I’m not going to do the win or lost game for each game. But I will say that this will be a very interesting schedule. With tons of questions to this Giants team. Will they be making a push to make the playoffs or be stuck in the rebuild. Only time will tell!

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