Giants 2018 Mock Schedule

Tonight is the night that the NFL releases it’s 2018 Schedule to the world! Fans like myself love tonight because we can set up our plans for the upcoming year!

I thought it would be fun to make my own mock schedule before tonight. I’m not going to go in-depth in this article because I’m going to wait and see what the actual schedule is first. So without further interruption here is my mock schedule!

Week 1 @Dallas (real shocker)

Week 2 Chicago

Week 3 @Indianapolis

Week 4 New Orleans

Week 5 Tennessee

Week 6 @Atlanta

Week 7 @Washington

Week 8 Bye

Week 9 Philadelphia

Week 10 @San Francisco

Week 11 Jacksonville

Week 12 Tampa Bay

Week 13 @Houston

Week 14 Dallas

Week 15 @Carolina

Week 16 Washington

Week 17 @Philadelphia

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