Dominate The Deal; FIRE and ICE, PASSION VS. PURPOSE! w/ Email Copywriting Entrepreneur Jamison Castillo

What is more important to forging a sword: Fire or Ice?

Well, while I let you action-takers ponder that, I’ll get into the context of that question; in this value-packed episode, I dive deep into philosophies of life and how we sometimes lose our purpose because we don’t know what we stand for. Jamison hones in on how practicing Muay Thai and his aspirations to becoming a world Muay Thai Champion have enabled him to remain calm in all challenges he faces being an email copywriting entrepreneur. In addition, he also dives into the value of leveraging email as a resource for all businesses but more than that he dives deep into letting go of his internal pain and anger he held as a young kid growing up and how he plans to leave a massive legacy behind!!

Thank you for listening. We want to thank every essential worker who has to stick his or her neck out on the line every day for the betterment of other people’s lives we can’t thank you enough. We love you all and enjoy it.

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