Dear Older Generation Giants Fans

Over the past five years, I have heard every imaginable thing good and bad about Odell Beckham Jr. It seems to me that the older generation Giants fans would always go out of their ways to bash Odell Beckham every chance they can.

Now that he is gone, whether we agreed with the move or not, it seems to me that majority of fans from previous generations never gave Odell his credit or respect on how great of a talent he really is.

“He’s a Diva,” “Cancer,” “Selfish,” ” He not a winner,”  “Who would take a quick day trip on a day off to go to Florida,” “He’s a Showboat.”

Those are sayings that I’ve heard older fans say to knock Odell.  What I’m going to say now is no way disrespectful to any of the older Giants fans, but  don’t be a hypocrite.

What I’m about to say is no knock on the actual player, because he is the greatest Giant of all time, changed the game and won two super bowls.  But if I had to poll the older generation fans who their favorite Giant player, they will in fact say it’s Lawrence Taylor.  Who we all love on the football field, but I hate to break it to you and I know you know,  he isn’t a saint.

New York Giants defensive end Lawrence Taylor sets to rush November 1986. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images) Original Filename: 82892897.jpg

So all you people who actually took their time calling the “fan”  or agreeing with Mike on air about his never ending bashing of him for the last four years. Was Odell really that bad of a player and to the Giants Organization?

The answer really should be no. Sure, the Giants only had one winning year with him on the team, but can you picture how worst off they would of been if he wasn’t on the team. Especially how poorly the franchise as whole has been drafting and signing quality free agent and built correctly is really the real reason why the Odell era was unsuccessful one unfortunately. By no means he was a saint as a Giant, but why did half of the fan base always found ways to not appreciate his greatness on the field? It will, unfortunately, be asked for a very long time since he is no longer on the team.

So Giants fans who didn’t like or love Odell Beckham, maybe next polarizing Giant star lets not throw stones at a glass houses and love him because they are on our favorite team and no one is perfect on and off the field.

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