Cruuuuz Got Me!

It all started on Sunday January 20th, 2019 when I received a Facebook Messenger from a friend of mine. It stating that a friend of his works for Draft Kings and is doing a video with Victor Cruz and they are seeking Giant fans to do the video with him.

So I was thinking why not, let me send Draft Kings a video and what is the worst thing they can say, that I wasn’t able to do the video with Victor Cruz.

I sent Draft Kings this following video showing how big of a giants fan I am and how much I like Victor Cruz. Long story short, Draft Kings enjoyed my post and invited me to do the Shoot with Victor.

It was really funny looking back at how much I prepared for this. I had my questions already to ask Vic anything and everything about his life on and off the football field.

I get to the set and I meet the crew. 5 other “lucky fans” and myself were getting the run down about the shoot. We were told we would get a 15 minute interviews with Victor and Draft Kings very own Emerson Lotzia. I just kept saying to myself, God I hope I don’t go first. Sure enough I was picked to go first. That made my nerves tense up even more.

I was called to the set, all nervous but prepared. I couldn’t believe I was about to conduct an Interview with one of my favorite giants. So Emerson and filming crew was giving me the run down on everything and I said “alright lets do this!” They called Action and the rest was history.

Here comes Victor Cruz walking down the hallway. All I kept thinking to myself was this is so freaking awesome and I can’t believe I am about to do this. As you can see in the video below, everything goes haywire between Emerson and Victor and then later myself. I kept thinking to myself something is going on here but I wasn’t sure  exactly how to deal with it since it was my first time ever on a video set. I was in such a great relief when Victor asked me “Dan how does it feel to be pranked by Draft Kings, Sam Adams and myself.” I  just started to laugh and was so happy that it was a prank because I had no Idea what hit me.

I can’t thank Draft Kings, Sam Adams and Victor Cruz for allowing me to have this once in a lifetime experience! So enjoy the full video below! Enjoy!

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