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Today at MetLife Stadium the New York Giants welcomed new head coach Joe Judge at the ceremonial press conference. Today press conference seemed to be more of interesting then previous ones because Coach Jones was known as an unlikely candidate a few days ago. Plenty of media and fans brushed him off because of his age and lack of coaching experience because he never was a coordinator like most new coaches tend to be before they get their first head coaching job.

Before going into today’s press conference here’s a few tidbits about coach that you may or may not know about him. He is 38 years old.  He played college football at Mississippi State after that he was a graduate assistant with them. After his tenure with Miss State he worked his way on to Nick Saban’s coaching staff at Alabama he was on the staff for two national championships after that he went to New England and joined Bill Belichick’s staff and helped them three Super Bowls during his tenure with the Patriots. As you can see even though he never was an offense or defensive coordinator. He was able to help these iconic coaches build on 5 total championships in 11 years under both of these “GOATS” coaches.

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Today was the first time for many people to get to see the kind of coach and person he seems to be. For a 38-year-old it seems to be really refreshing to see a person who is old school and very straight to the point and isn’t going to try to re-invent the wheel. He expects his coaching staff and players to come in every day and work as hard as possible and to be able to pay attention to the smallest of details. He demands his players to think team first and trust the process. He claims he wants to turn the Giants into a team that the fan base can have pride in once again.

I will admit I was very interested to see what the coach Judge had to say in his press conference and I was very impressed I’m not going to lie. Like everyone else I had no idea what to expect going into this afternoon. After listening to the first few minutes I got really excited because as many of you that have watched the Giants the last few seasons it’s been a living nightmare. It seems like he is a real good teacher and is going to be a “CEO” type of coach where he is going to overlook every aspect of the team and not just one side of the ball like most young coaches in the league.

Ultimately today means next to nothing if the Giants do not build around this young head coach and not give him a quality coaching staff to help him teach and relay his new message to the players and the players who will gel under his systems.

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Good Luck Coach Judge. Time to go to work and prove a lot of people wrong.

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