Ceraso and the Beard Ep. 59 MLB season in jeopardy, NBA set to Return

Nick Ceraso and Jose Rivera a.k.a (The Talking Beard) discuss the latest as sports try to return soon.

Sndpodcast Channel · Ceraso and the Beard Ep. 59: MLB season in jeopardy, NBA set to Return

The MLB is still struggling to come to an agreement and seems to be in serious concern of playing this year. How much will it hurt the MLB fan base wise is Owners and Players can’t seem to figure it all out.

NHL has a new plan with 24 teams making the playoffs, as this could easily be the smartest move. As 3 more of the original 6 NHL teams will be added to the playoffs.

While the NBA seems to have a plan and a possible location in place. Could the NBA have too long of a plan in place with the desire to play 8 regular seasons games? Should they have taken more of an NHL approach?

In light of the fact that states are reopening, and we are heading to more of a formality, Please continue to Social Distant and Stay Safe.

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