Ceraso and The Beard Ep 57, Brady signs, NFL draft preview

Nick Ceraso and Jose Rivera (a.k.a The Talking Beard) break down the latest going on in the NFL. Tom Brady signs with the Tampa Bay Bucs. Can this hurt his legacy? Can Brady put up his best career numbers with the weapons he has now? Should the Bucs be going into the season as such a high favorite now that they have Brady?

The NFL Draft is nearly upon us, Will it go Joe Burrow and Chase Young 1st and 2nd

Where will Tua land? We will discuss if we have the Dolphins and/or Chargers moving up in the draft. Find out who we have as our team we expect to move up in the draft as the big surprise team. Who should he Giants and Jets be targeting as well?

Major League Baseball possibly could be the first sport to come back after everything has been stopped with the COVID-19 virus. What plan should MLB look to do this season and could the divisions change from National League and American League?

Above all Please Everyone Stay Safe through these tough times and continue to keep Social Distance a Priority.

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