Ceraso and The Beard Podcast Episode 56; NBA suspended, Tom Brady

Nick Ceraso and Jose “The Talking Beard” Rivera return for their first podcast of 2020.

Ceraso and The Beard talk about the day the sports world stood still as the global pandemic known as COVID-19 has put all sports on hold. They talk about their first reactions to the news and if they could compare it to any other day in sports history.

Ceraso and The Beard critique how NBA Commissioner Adam Silver handled the situation as the NBA was the first sport to mainly be affected by COVID-19. Did Silver handle things the right way and did he make the right decision in suspending the season?


They also talk about the impact the pandemic has had on other sports such as Major League Baseball and give some ideas of what these leagues could do as they look to begin sooner rather than later.


Ceraso and The Beard also break down the QB market ahead of NFL Free Agency as they try to give the best fits for QB hungry teams, including where exactly does Tom Brady end up.

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