Ceraso and The Beard Podcast Ep.55: Gear up for the new NFL season

Andrew Luck makes a surprise announcement as he retires from the NFL. Are the Colts to blame for Luck’s early retirement and does Luck deserve the backlash he is getting for calling it quits.

Ceraso and the Beard also give their takes on Cam Newton’s injury leading to the age old discussion about shortening the NFL Preseason, Clowney meets with the Dolphins, and Washington officially named Case Keenum as the starting QB.

Ceraso and the Beard dive into the current running backs that are holding out in the NFL. Are players motivated to hold out due to Le’veon Bell’s success last season. Which team needs to pay their star running back? Who is more likely to play for their team in 2019-2020.

We also give our NFL season predictions. Which teams are a lock to make the playoffs? Which teams are on the cusp of playing meaningful games in January? Which teams should start looking toward next season? Of course it’s never too early to give our Super Bowl predictions.

As always Ceraso and the Beard give their dude and dunce of the week and take a look back on what happened in sports history on 8/28/19.

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