Ceraso And The Beard Ep.52 NBA Finals, Players Going Overseas, MLB Needs More Netting

Nick Ceraso and Jose Rivera (a.k.a The Talking Beard) discuss the NBA finals as series leaves Toronto tied 1-1, Do the Warriors have a chance without Klay Thompson or Kevin Durant.

Is the series currently where we expected it to be. How can the Raptors win the series, what can the Warriors do to survive the Finals?
Do the NBA need to consider shortening the NBA season, as so many players seemed to be injured this season and especially during the playoffs.
Would it benefit players and teams when some players already sit during some regular season games?
RJ Hampton the number 1 college basketball recruit selected to play overseas in New Zealand over playing in college as a one-and-done. Is this a move top high school players should be considering more. A year of getting paid and financial security earlier in their career.
Would this create more overseas fans for the NBA?
Even if top recruits no longer play in college can this still benefit the NCAA Men’s Basketball?
Over the weekend two different MLB games had a foul ball hit a young fan. Is it time for the MLB to change the netting in foul territory for fan safety.

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