Ceraso and The Beard Ep. 47 NBA playoffs spot, NCAA final four, MLB

Ceraso and The Beard Podcast Ep.47 Nick Ceraso and Jose Riveras (a.k.a The Talking Beard) discuss the 2019 MLB season and which teams bad starts should we actually worry about going forward.

They also break down the Ronald Acuna Jr contract extension, was it the right move for both sides to lock themselves into a potential 10-year contract. They also discuss the Mets being interested in Dallas Keuchel and the surprising teams to start the 2019 season.

Ceraso and the Beard also take a look into the NCAA final four, who was the biggest upset during the elite 8, and is it good for the NCAA that the usual top schools didn’t make it into the finals.

They also break down the last playoff spots up for grabs in the eastern conference of the NBA, the most intriguing matchups in the west, and LeBron James sitting out the rest of the season.

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