Ceraso and The Beard Ep.44 AL Div, MVP CY and WS Predictions

Ceraso and The Beard Podcast Ep.44 Nick Ceraso and Jose Riveras (a.k.a The Talking Beard) give you our MLB American League Division Predictions.  Are more AL teams trying to compete or looking to rebuild against the powerhouse teams of the Yankees, Red Sox, and Astros. Why the AL Central is the weakest division and are the Twins a serious threat the win the Central.

Can the Rays coming off of 90 wins last season get to the playoffs
We also are giving our MVP and Cy winners while including a dark horse for each award.
Le’Veon Bell sign with the NY Jets, is this a perfect fit for Sam Darnold and the Jets offense. Does the signing make the Jets a playoff contender. Did it seem like Bell missed out on money from the Steelers or in general cause of sitting out.
Find out why Jose has the Astros meeting the Rockies in the World Series. While Nick has the Astros vs Brewers.

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