The boys are back together and Steven Dan and Vin get into all the topics in the sports world. We talk about the NFL combine and college basketball in the open, then dive into spring training. The Mets and Yankees first base battles and Bryce Harpers new home. They close it out with some hockey talk as the islanders roller coaster second half continues and some football with the Landon Collins news this week. Enjoy the show! Continue reading “SNDP # 224: SPRING IS IN THE AIR”


Yesmen Outfitters Tailgate 3/3: March on!

Our very own Steven decided to take his camera over to Nassau Coliseum to join “The Mob” of the Yes Men Outfitters on Sunday March 3rd. With help from Mob members, Andrew, Nick, Jaclyn, Dan, Will, Kayla and of course Yes Men Outfitter, Devin, we got a closer look as to who the Mob really is! Continue reading “Yesmen Outfitters Tailgate 3/3: March on!”


With an old school feel tonight with just Steve and Danny hosting. They welcome the host of “Isles Seat Podcast” Mike Carver and talk things Islanders Hockey! He is doing a live show this Saturday night (2/23/2019) at the Offside Tavern in Manhattan! Be sure to go if you are able to! The boys also talked about this wonderful story about their friend Jordan who founded Whip Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Enjoy the show and be sure to like, subscribe to the podcast. Continue reading “SNDP #223: FIRST PLACE ISLANDERS”

Can You Believe it?

Photo Credit: Steven Ryan

Lets be honest, No one saw this coming. ESPN said they’d finish last, Same with NBC Sports. There wasn’t a lot of hope but here we are, at the all star break, and the New York Islanders are in sole possession of first place.

Continue reading “Can You Believe it?”

SNDP #222: talking about everything!

Since we are doing our “Big Game Special” Next week the guy hold off talking about anything football. They Recap everything from the red hot Islanders and Nets (Yes we talked about the Nets) and the not so hot teams in the Rangers and Knicks. We also threw a little pop culture in today and talked about who were some of our favorite actors from SNL who turned in to movie stars after leaving the show.   Continue reading “SNDP #222: talking about everything!”

Ceraso and The Beard Ep.37

Nick Ceraso and Jose Rivera (a.k.a. The Talking Beard) give you their take on the AFC and NFC Conference Championship games, find out who we have going to the Super Bowl. Kyle Murray declares for NFL Draft and how should we view Zion Williamson. As well we cover the MLB AL West and the latest on Harper and Machado. Continue reading “Ceraso and The Beard Ep.37”

SNDP # 221: First of 2019!

The boys are back with a jam packed show to start off 2019. They lead off talking about changes that should be made for Free agency periods in sports. They next go into the coaching changes in the NFL. They then discuss the Knicks and Nets current states. They finish segment 2 talking about the red hot New York Islanders. They finish off talking about the NFL Conference championship games. They say goodbye while they plug the NFL super-bowl preview show on January 30th! Continue reading “SNDP # 221: First of 2019!”

SNDP # 220 : End of the Year Special

The trio is back in town for the end of the year special. They lead off by talking about what their new year’s sports resolutions. They then go on to discuss the Packers, Giants and Jets. They finish off talking about week 17, and the College football playoffs. This and much more!

SNDP # 219: Holiday SZN

Steven and Danny are on the mics while Vin is at MetLife Stadium watching the Packers. They lead off by talking about if players should be involved with bringing in new Coaches and Players. They go on to discuss how can the Packers, Jets and Giants fix their teams in the offseason. Finally, they make their week 16 picks and discuss the rest of the NY sports! This and MUCH MORE!

SNDP 218: The boys are back in town

The Boys are finally back as a trio and lead off talking about what they are thankful for. They continue by talking about the Jets and Packers coaching situation. They will also discuss if they bELIeve in Eli and the Giants. They finish off talking about their NFL week 12 picks. As well, discuss the local NHL and NBA teams. This and MUCH MORE! Continue reading “SNDP 218: The boys are back in town”