SNDP Special: Super Bowl LV Preview


This week is our super bowl preview show! The big game is a week away and it’s time to break it down SND style. Tom Brady leads a veteran Bucs team into the first super bowl home game in NFL history against the defending champs lead by Andy Reid and the best player in the league Pat Mahomes. We also dive into the draft a bit to discuss the possibilities of where some QBs might last. We got through some prop bets for the big game and what we would choose.

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SNDP # 277: What A Turn Of Events

On Episode 277 we recap the week that was in sports. The Packers had a crushing loss and Vin rants about it. The Chiefs are going back to the super bowl after they beat bills mafia and Mahomes and Brady matchup for a game for the games. GOAT vs the best in the league. Also, Matt Stafford is getting out of Detroit finally in hopes of better luck. And we talk about Friday night lights and Paul Walker.

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Episode 276 Danny bought a Smoker so we talk about that and get some food take out there while we recap Danny’s sizzling through the season. The Yankees made a few big moves resigning DJ and picking up Corey Kluber. The Nets traded for James Harden and Kyrie is still missing. Hockey is also back as the Islanders and Rangers split their opening 2 game series. 

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SNDP 275: First Of 2021

Episode 275 gets going after a good week to be a New York blue and orange fan. Hockey season is upon us and the Islanders got a contract done with their star player. We preview the start to the season and give our thoughts on what should be an exciting rivalry filled NHL.

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SNDP 274: Courage For Carsyn

Episode 274 starts with a charity shout-out to Courage for Carsyn that we will be donating to this week. For every listen that episode 274 gets, we will donate $3 to the Courage for Carsyn Fund. If you wish to donate as well please go to,

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SNDP 272: 4 In A Row

Episode 272 is a special Sunday night episode that starts off with Twitter topics and Babe Ruth being traded for Zach Wheeler, Mayweather is fighting Logan Paul, the Warner brothers are dumping all their movies on HBO max and we talk some Andy Martino and the Mets. 

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Episode 268 starts off with Twitter topics after one of the craziest weeks in recent history. An election that seemed like it would never end, We lost a legend in Alex Trebek and a scan around Twitter. 

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SNDP 267: Strange Times

Episode 267 starts off with Twitter topics including the Coyotes draft pick with history, the world series and the crazy ending Saturday night, college football is starting to heat up, and will Trevor Lawrence stay in school?

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SNDP 266: 8 Years And Counting!

Episode 266 with our thoughts on Daks injury on Sunday and the fallout from it. Then we move onto Twitter topics as we discuss the NBA finals, Le’Veon Bell gets released and Trevor Bauer is a bad fit for the New York Media.

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SNDP 265: Where Do We Begin

Episode 265 starts off with a typical SND rabbit hole of Matt Harvey things and Jerry Belvins starting games and some Twitter topics. The topics the passing of Eddie Van Halen, Game shows and the NBA finals, and how the Knicks and Nets haven’t been good at the same time in a while.

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