SNDP 275: First Of 2021

Episode 275 gets going after a good week to be a New York blue and orange fan. Hockey season is upon us and the Islanders got a contract done with their star player. We preview the start to the season and give our thoughts on what should be an exciting rivalry filled NHL.

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Sizzling Through The Season- Skirt Steak

We have made it to Week 17 boys and girls. The Dallas Cowboys head to MetLife Stadium today for a very big divisional matchup vs our beloved Giants.

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SNDP 274: Courage For Carsyn

Episode 274 starts with a charity shout-out to Courage for Carsyn that we will be donating to this week. For every listen that episode 274 gets, we will donate $3 to the Courage for Carsyn Fund. If you wish to donate as well please go to,

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Sizzling Through The Season- Week 16, Crab Cakes and Football!

“Crab Cakes and Football is what Maryland does best!” One of the more famous lines from the comedy hit move Wedding Crashers. We are here week 16, the Giants head down to Baltimore to face the Ravens with plenty in play today as both teams are fighting for their playoff lives.

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Episode 273 starts with Twitter topics with the death of Kevin Green (RIP) and Wonder woman coming out this week on HBO Max. Then Steven and Vin have a list off! And that leads other tangents about the Mets. The NHL announced it was back and there’s a lot of roster questions for the Islanders, so we break some down and go around the NHL. We also get into some baseball talk as the off-season slow gets going.

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Sizzling Through The Season- Week 15, Pizza Bagels

Wow its already week 15, The Giants are home tonight vs the Cleveland Browns on Sunday Night Football. This is the 1st time in three seasons that the Giants are playing on Sunday night.

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Sizzling Through The Season- Week 14 Chimichangas

Welcome to week 14! Your New York Football Giants are about to play a home game as a first place team in the month of December. Its been a very long time since you can say that. Today, the giants are playing once former divisional rivals the Arizona Cardinals who have hit a bit of a cold streak in losing their last four games. This matchup is two teams going in two different directions.

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SNDP 272: 4 In A Row

Episode 272 is a special Sunday night episode that starts off with Twitter topics and Babe Ruth being traded for Zach Wheeler, Mayweather is fighting Logan Paul, the Warner brothers are dumping all their movies on HBO max and we talk some Andy Martino and the Mets. 

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Sizzling Through The Season- Week 13- Pho

Welcome to Week 13 our 1st place New York Football Giants take their final west coast trip of the season to Seattle and face the very talent Seahawks. Will the Giants be up for the test? We shall see how backup quarterback Colt McCoy is projected to start since starter Daniel Jones hurt his hamstring last week vs the Bengals.

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Episode 271 starts of with Twitter topics as we talk about how actually bad Carson Wentz, Nate Robinson got knocked out and there was a female kicker in college football. And then we got down some rabbit holes that can’t be explained including the Jewish sports hall of fame, and the list of the 20 best trades in Islanders history with all the fun that goes with it.