Nightmares On Jays Street episode 4: Halloween Kills Review

Jay is back with the fourth edition of his horror podcast. In this episode, Jay is joined by his father Eliud Lopez to talk about the 2nd of this 3 movie trilogy by Blumhouse studios. Halloween Kills is directed by David Gordon Green and written by Danny Mcbride. 

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SNDP 281: We Are Changing Things Up

We start episode 282 with the absolute madness of a conversation about the states and changing the borders of the country and some crazy football memories.

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SNDP 279: A Little Bit Of Everything

The boys are back with Episode 279 and we are going off the cuff. We start with the Mets and discuss their offseason. They missed out on the big fish free agents but still had a very good We break down the depth they have added and the potential free agents they have. Can they compete? We also talk about the Yankees offseason. They Brought back everyone but did not do much of anything else. Will it be enough? 

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SNDP 272: 4 In A Row

Episode 272 is a special Sunday night episode that starts off with Twitter topics and Babe Ruth being traded for Zach Wheeler, Mayweather is fighting Logan Paul, the Warner brothers are dumping all their movies on HBO max and we talk some Andy Martino and the Mets. 

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Episode 271 starts of with Twitter topics as we talk about how actually bad Carson Wentz, Nate Robinson got knocked out and there was a female kicker in college football. And then we got down some rabbit holes that can’t be explained including the Jewish sports hall of fame, and the list of the 20 best trades in Islanders history with all the fun that goes with it.



Episode 268 starts off with Twitter topics after one of the craziest weeks in recent history. An election that seemed like it would never end, We lost a legend in Alex Trebek and a scan around Twitter. 

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Nightmares On Jay’s Street episode 3

Jay is joined by his father, Eliud Lopez. The guys get into a bunch of different movies, spanning the golden era of the black and white days, all the way to modern cinema. The father and son duo get into their favorite movies in both genres, science fiction, and horror. 

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SNDP 261: RIP Tom Seaver/ Chadwick Boseman

Steve and Dan guide you through one of the more difficult shows they have had to do in the shows eight years of the SNDPodcast. Continue reading “SNDP 261: RIP Tom Seaver/ Chadwick Boseman”

SNDP 260: Leo Season

Episode 260 starts with some crazy Twitter topics. The Washington football team hired the first black team president, Alex Smith is cleared for football activities but can’t use his foot and cow farts could save the environment as well as some video game talks. We also discuss the best chicken sandwiches and Deion Sanders joining barstool. Continue reading “SNDP 260: Leo Season”

SNDP # 259: Hit Me Baby One More Time!

Episode 259 starts off with the Leafs losing! John Tavares left for green pastures and still lost. The penguins and Leafs might need to blow their teams up and Andres Gimenez is impressing. Twitter topics start with Shia LaBeouf is coming to the MCU and Draymond got fined for doing his job. We also discuss some of the concerts we’ve been too.

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