Episode 256 is off and running! We start off with the Twitter topics of the day with baseball on its way! Kanye is being Kanye and he’s the worst which is nothing new. Trader Joe’s is racist, Mark Cuban is fighting with senators and Jed Lowrie is still hurt. We also discuss some random things like we are prone to do. Continue reading “SNDP 256: BASEBALL IS BACK?!?!”

SNDP 255: The Smell Of Sports Is In The Air!

Episode 255 is a jam-packed show! We start off with the Twitter topics of the day with sports getting back into the swing of things with players reporting to their camps but also some opting out. Will Smith and Jada Smith are having issues and we get intrigued dog actors’ lives. We also go off on some rangers, like usual. Continue reading “SNDP 255: The Smell Of Sports Is In The Air!”

SNDP #254: We Have Schedules!

Episode 254 is a jam-packed show! We start with the Twitter topics of the day. Patrick Mahomes signed the biggest contract in sports, the NHL has agreed to a CBA extension to hopefully get a season going and lots of other fun. Continue reading “SNDP #254: We Have Schedules!”

SNDP #253: Sports are back!

Episode 253 starts off with actual sports news to talk about! Continue reading “SNDP #253: Sports are back!”

SNDP #252: Birthday week!

Episode 252 starts off with a quick update on the state of sports during the pandemic and how the leagues will proceed as safely as possible. We also discuss the undertaker documentary and WWE is handling it and why Florida is in trouble. Continue reading “SNDP #252: Birthday week!”

Ceraso and the Beard Ep. 59 MLB season in jeopardy, NBA set to Return

Nick Ceraso and Jose Rivera a.k.a (The Talking Beard) discuss the latest as sports try to return soon. Continue reading “Ceraso and the Beard Ep. 59 MLB season in jeopardy, NBA set to Return”

SNDP 251: Baseball?

Thank you for listening. We want to thank every essential worker who has to stick his or her neck out on the line every day for the betterment of other people’s lives we can’t thank you enough. We love you all and enjoy it. Continue reading “SNDP 251: Baseball?”

SNDP 250: Happy Birthday Rosen

Episode 250 starts off with some superhero talk! The boys give their thoughts on the upcoming Batman movie (or movies depending on how it goes), why Marvel is better than DC, If they will watch the Snyder cut and how DC has got 2 biggest heroes and still can’t get it right Continue reading “SNDP 250: Happy Birthday Rosen”


Steven, Vin, and Dan are back together for the entire show! They have a jammed packed show for you and can’t wait to get started!
Continue reading “SNDP #249: STAND UNITED”

SNDP 248: Sports On The Way Back?

The boys are back! We start it off with a musical number from Dannys Dad and a bit of a back story of Danny and Stevens friendship, and then they jump into their top 5 sports movie moments that make you cry and some sports movies we enjoy.
Continue reading “SNDP 248: Sports On The Way Back?”