How 5 Aces turned into a Full House

Photo Credit: Newsday / Alejandra Villa

Even during the quarantine, Mets fans get the short end of the stick as Noah Syndergaard needs Tommy John surgery which will cost him this season and some of next. I was pretty sure sports being on freeze would help the Mets. By the time games resume the minor injuries to JD Davis and Michael Conforto would be long behind us, Cespedes would probably be in game shape and any lingering issues Dellin Betances had would be a thing of the past, but alas it was not to be. In terms of this season (whenever it’s safe and responsible to play, no rush) the loss of Noah is a big one but probably one that can be overcame. The 3 guys fighting for the 5th spot all get jobs and while it’s no longer a dominant 5, it’s serviceable for a team that can beat you 1-8 lineup wise. The loss of Noah to me is more of a big picture loss. “What could have been” is a common theme with the Mets from the mid 80’s teams to generation K to the Mid 2000s teams so this is just another in that line, but it is still worth rehashing. How did the unbeatable 5 aces turn into a full house of duces over aces?
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SNDP # 241: Social Distancing

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Ceraso and The Beard Podcast Episode 56; NBA suspended, Tom Brady

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The guy’s record before the return of Eli Manning starting vs the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night. We walk through memory lane of our favorite Eli Manning moments.

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SNDP # 233: Coaching

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