2019 MLB Predictions

With baseball season starting on Wednesday morning  in Japan between the Seattle Mariners and the Oakland A’s. I wanted to do my yearly predictions everything from MVP’s To World Series Champions. Continue reading “2019 MLB Predictions”


Thank you, Landon

Thank You Landon Collins!

In the second round of the 2015 draft, at the 33rd pick, the New York Giants selected Landon Collins out of the University of Alabama. My first thought was, okay, a hard-hitting safety. Coming from a defensive system. Danny reached out to me going nuts over this selection, he was so excited for him to be a giant. Continue reading “Thank you, Landon”

Dear Older Generation Giants Fans

Over the past five years, I have heard every imaginable thing good and bad about Odell Beckham Jr. It seems to me that the older generation Giants fans would always go out of their ways to bash Odell Beckham every chance they can. Continue reading “Dear Older Generation Giants Fans”

Ceraso and The Beard Ep.43 OBJ, AB Traded!! MLB NL Div Predictions

Nick Ceraso and Jose Rivera (a.k.a The Talking Beard) breakdown the Wide Receiver trades of OBJ to the Browns and AB to the Raiders. Does the NBA need to make changes with fan seating after Westbrook and Utah fan.  We also give our NL Division winners.

Continue reading “Ceraso and The Beard Ep.43 OBJ, AB Traded!! MLB NL Div Predictions”


The boys are back together and Steven Dan and Vin get into all the topics in the sports world. We talk about the NFL combine and college basketball in the open, then dive into spring training. The Mets and Yankees first base battles and Bryce Harpers new home. They close it out with some hockey talk as the islanders roller coaster second half continues and some football with the Landon Collins news this week. Enjoy the show! Continue reading “SNDP # 224: SPRING IS IN THE AIR”

Yesmen Outfitters Tailgate 3/3: March on!

Our very own Steven decided to take his camera over to Nassau Coliseum to join “The Mob” of the Yes Men Outfitters on Sunday March 3rd. With help from Mob members, Andrew, Nick, Jaclyn, Dan, Will, Kayla and of course Yes Men Outfitter, Devin, we got a closer look as to who the Mob really is! Continue reading “Yesmen Outfitters Tailgate 3/3: March on!”

Jays Week In Wrestling podcast Episode 39: Mania Season Madness!

Sammy Muniz joins Jay in this jam packed show! The guys speak on everything going on in the pro wrestling world during maina season. The guys talk AEW, NWA, Impact, ROH, New Japan, and of course WWE! Kofi wwe champ? Ronda and Becky main eventing? Find out what the guys think. Continue reading “Jays Week In Wrestling podcast Episode 39: Mania Season Madness!”

Ceraso and The Beard Ep42 Lakers, MLB FA, Mets, Celtics

Nick Ceraso, Jose Rivera (a.k.a The Talking Beard), and guest Austin Croteau breakdown the Mets moves and the bunch of injuries, Machado and Arenado long term deals.  Should the Lakers fire Luke Walton and is Magic Johnson the one to blame for Lakers shruggles. Zion Williamson injury and are the Celtics a threat in the Eastern Conference anymore and is the team better or worse with Kyrie. Continue reading “Ceraso and The Beard Ep42 Lakers, MLB FA, Mets, Celtics”


With an old school feel tonight with just Steve and Danny hosting. They welcome the host of “Isles Seat Podcast” Mike Carver and talk things Islanders Hockey! He is doing a live show this Saturday night (2/23/2019) at the Offside Tavern in Manhattan! Be sure to go if you are able to! The boys also talked about this wonderful story about their friend Jordan who founded Whip Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Enjoy the show and be sure to like, subscribe to the podcast. Continue reading “SNDP #223: FIRST PLACE ISLANDERS”