Blue Views 324 : Welcome

Welcome to the very first episode of Blue Views 324, I’m your host Dan. You know me as one of the Co-Hosts and Co-founders of the SNDPodcast and SND Channel.

It’s been a life long dream to strictly do a show about the New York Football Giants. I’ve been trying to find ways to do something different for as long as 8 very long years and I finally put my foot down and said hey I’m finally going to start doing it. This show is going to bring out my passion of this football team for the good and the bad. I do not plan to hold back any punches and all my views are my own.

Where did you get the Name Blue Views 324 from its pretty simple. I sit in Section 324 for every single moment at Giants home games at Metlife Stadium it is the perfect section I basically have the ” All 22″ view and is able to see plays set up before the players sometimes and its really a fun and cool way to watch a football game.

I want to bring those views to you with my own spin to it. I cant wait to bring it to every single person who listens to this pod this season. I have plenty of ideas to choose from and I cant wait to share it.

Here’s to a fun and hopefully successful season for the New York Giants.

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