Blue Views 324: Timmy Tough Nuts

Welcome to week 7 of the Giants season. Boy it sure has been a rough start to say the very least. The Giants are 1-5 and are dead last in the NFC East. After a very brutal 38-11 loss to the Rams. 90% of Giants nation has hit rock bottom.

Harris has a wild story on how he had a wedding in Florida on Saturday night. Made sure him and his girlfriend had the 1st flight out of Florida to Newark. All to keep his streak of going to every home game since 1998! But poor Harris having to go all these lengths to keep his streak alive. Especially seeing them no show.   

To add to the wildness Harris just happened to be in the section where Leo Williams got mad at the fans for booing. We talk about the whole booing are fans able to boo poor performances especially when fans think the team, they root for are dogging it.

Next day we have ESPN making fun of Joe Judge.  Dan Orlovsky called him “Timmy Tough Nuts”, honestly when your team is 1-5 you just have to sit there and just take all the slings and arrows from the national media just mocking every move your team does. It’s embarrassing, like I mentioned before it is rock bottom.

We try to get excited for Sunday’s game vs the Panthers. This is one of the few games left in the season that we feel the Giants can actually win with out any luck being in place for them to win. We shall see does Big Blue pull it out and have the home town fans happy just for one week.

Until next week Go Giants and keep hanging in there.  

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