Blue Views 324: Strahan’s Jersey Retirement/ Initial 53

Welcome to another edition to blue views 324! By the time you are listening to this the Giants will be facing off the Broncos in 9 Days!

This week I did something different due to scheduling.  After the breaking news of the Giants finally announcing that they will be retiring Michael Strahan’s number 92. Dan wanted to take a trip down memory lane to talk about his finer moment of one of his all-time favorite Giants of all time.

Then we bring to you our normal show with Harris. We break down the initial 53-man roster from Tuesday night. Like I mentioned before this isn’t the most recent roster but it was an instant reaction to the original 53. We break down each position and if there was any shocking move, we went a little bit more in-depth in that specific spot.  

Lastly Harris and I who have always been big fan of Wfan we thought it would be a fun way to honor Mike and the Mad Dog. We did our win/loss each regular season game for the 2021. We both had a lot of fun doing this since we have been doing it when we talk to each year when the season gets closer and when the schedules first come out. I really feel like people would enjoy this as much as we did.

The season is so close that we can taste it. As always GO GIANTS!

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