Blue Views 324: So Long Coach Garrett

After another lack luster primetime loss for the Giants. Harris and Dan break down the the current state of the G-Men.

Now 3-7 its time for soul searching for the higher ups and the coaching staff. We break down the lack luster tenure of 26 games from former Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett after being fired on Tuesday afternoon. What when wrong during his tenure? Is it only his fault? Of course not, but someone had to get the short end of the stick on how this offense has looked the last two season.

Now that Coach Garrett is gone, all the attention is even more squared on Daniel Jones and Coach Judge. Can Freddy Kitchens find the magic he had in 2019 before he became the Head Coach of the Browns? Harris and Dan discuss what to most likely see out of Kitchens so late into the season you really cant change the play book completely but you can find different plays in a very thick playbook

.After everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving the Giants host division rivals Eagles. The Eagles are flying high right now. They look to come into met life and keep flying high. Can the Giants stand toe to toe with the Eagles? Time will tell. I think they can.

As always thank you for listening and Hope everyone has a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!

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