Blue Views 324: Shipping up to Boston

We have finally made it to the Last week of the pre season! It’s Friday so that means Dan welcomes his Co-host Harris to recap what happened this week in the world of the New York Football Giants.

The Giants are home this Sunday to face the New England Patriots. Before Sundays matchup The Giants went up to New England and had two join practices with the Pats.

Dan and Harris recap everything that happened the last two days both positive and negative. Both of us are just chopping at the bit because this is the first time most of the Giants starters are playing this week in game situations and we are excited to see if they are ready to go in two weeks vs Denver or we are going to watch them look rusty and worry for the next two weeks.

We are ready to see who steps up in the second half of the upcoming game to fill out our final roster spots

Until then Go Giants.

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