Blue Views 324: OHHH What a Rush!

Welcome to another week of Giants football! Harris wasn’t able to record this week. This week I welcomed Craig Santucci from the NYGiantsRush.Com.

Dan gets to learn Craig’s back story on how he became a Giants fans and how his dad has had Giants Season Tickets since 1968. Craig has only missed a handful of games since 1984! Hearing his stories about his family and traditions was really special and hope people enjoy those stories.

After finding out about Craig’s backstory we broke down how he started He shares been its like watching it slowly grow over the last bunch of years and how he’s really excited to watch the site to continue to grow each and everyday.

Eventually we broke down the very eventful and brutal loss to the Cowboys last weekend. Between the injuries to Saquon and Daniel Jones. To Toney’s breakout game. We breakdown and talk about concussions since it was a big topic this week and we talk about should Daniel Jones play this week even if he is cleared to play from concussion protocol. Craig even put on his doctors hat on for a few mins to talk about his history of concussions as well.

With the Giants 1-4 we try to figure out ways to keep going to games and watching the them still be entertaining. we both break down what players we are looking to continue to grow for the rest of the season. It really stings and beyond frustrating once again its before Halloween and the Giants season is already heading down the tubes for any shot of relevance later in the season. we are just trying to make the best of it like any other Giant fans.

I cant thank Craig enough for coming on this weeks show. I hope you enjoyed and be sure to Follow him and his staff on and his podcast The Giants Guys. I cant forget his Twitter handle as well @NYGiantsRush.

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