Blue Views 324: Hire US!

Happy New Years everyone. Harris and Dan have a very special episode to bring in the new year. Since the Giants are a complete disgrace to even be talked about.

There is only one person to come on to talk about this awful team. Our good friend Nicky Snacks. We talk about Barstool Sports Rone coming over for a Game day at Snack’s house during the Chargers game a few games ago. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out below.

Snacks also had a fun week writing to our owner John Mara. below is the typed up letter from Nick himself. Very fun to read after you read this.

Finally we break down to the meat of the show. Everyone in Giants land expect GM Dave Gettleman being fired at the end of the season. After 4 long and awful season with him as our GM. Harris, Myself and Snacks brain storm the person way to crush the interview being the next GM. We each grabbed a area that MUST be improved for the Giants to be a the once proud franchise once again.

Thank you again Snacks for coming on to the show and we will waiting for the news to come any day now. Times maybe rough but as always Go Giants!

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