Blue Views 324: HELP

Another disappointing weekend for the Giants. The only game they where considered favorites going into the games. They lost on a final second field goal to the Falcons. The final score was 17-14

Another week where Harris and Dan are just searching for the right answers and what have led the giants to this awful 0-3 start and try to find a place they they hope can find or fall into their first win in the 2021 season.

We feel the Giants are just playing losing football. Always making the mistakes at the wrong times, laps of judgement on the smallest details that good teams button up and sure up and don’t let happen. THE things Joe Judge has spoke about a billion times since becoming the Giants Head Coach. It’s very confusing. We are beyond baffled.

We finally move on to the Saints. The Giants are heading down to one of the toughest stadiums to play in the whole league. Then you add this is the first game back since Covid-19 prevent fans to games and Hurricane Ida preventing the Saints to play at home to start the season. So Saint fans will be ready to go and rock and shake the Super Dome as it always is.

We end the show thanking Eli for keeping us some what sane with all the TV he has done so far this season so far. Between his MNF show with Peyton, To his Espn + “Eli’s Places” and now His new YouTube Show “The Eli Manning show”.

The Giants must stick together and find ways to stick around games and dare I say steal one. As always Go Giants!

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