Blue Views 324: For Eli

This week is all about Eli Manning and if the Giants start to dig themselves out of yet another 0-2 start to the season.

The Giants will be facing off another team in the Falcons who are also in the same spot and would like nothing better then to ruin Eli Manning Day that Giants have in store on Sunday.

Harris joined me once again. We did one final clean up on last Thursday nights demoralizing loss to the WFT.  It was only a matter of a few plays that made a difference in the game and The Giants didn’t do enough. One of these days the Giants will not shoot themselves when it’s mattered the most. Lets all hope! 

Like I mentioned a few paragraphs above this. It is Eli Manning Day at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. It will be really fun to see Eli finally get honored that he rightfully deserves. Harris and I break down all our top favorite moments and just highlight the person Eli is. No one more deserving that’s for sure.

We finally talk about the actual game and the keys for both teams to find away to secure their first win. Its wild that its only week 3 of the season and its very much a must win game for both teams bc in the NFL it gets late early for teams still finding a way to get their 1st win of the season as the season goes on. For everyone’s mental health the Giants need to figure out the keys to get their first win. 

As always, Go Giants!

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