Blue Views 324: Fight Club

Welcome to another mini episode of Blue views 324. I originally wasn’t going to do a show until later this week. But today at Giants Training Camp they Giants put on the Pads for the very first time at camp.

With that being said, as always tempers flared up and started a huge brawl to the point that Joe Judge ended practice that very moment and had the whole team run gassers from one end zone to another a number of times and then sent the other coaches back and let the team have it as they should of.

Of course the media makes a big deal out of it but if you have been around football most of your life like I have. There are always fights during training camp. Camp for the most part is hard and one huge mental test and going up against the same player over and over and over again. You expect fights. Thankfully no one got hurt and its time to move on to the next day and wait to take it out on the Jets next weekend.

Bunch of the players post practiced talk about it and admitted that it probably wasn’t the smartest of moves but it can sometimes spark a team to become a closer team and we are all for it because as Giants fans who have been with this team every season the last few years. We are happy to hear these words coming out of Logan Ryan’s mouth of everyone is tired of losing. Just gets you excited for the upcoming year.

In other news Wide Receiver Kenny Golladay left practice what looked like a hamstring injury. No reports came out to the public just yet so we just have to wait and see and hope everything is alright. We don’t need Kenny to play much in the pre season anyway so this can help make or break a lot of guys making the roster fighting for the 5th WR roster spot at the end of camp. Who will take advantage of the opportunity if Kenny is in fact more hurt then hoped.

Until next time Go Giants!

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