Blue Views 324: Daniel Jones is Hurt Again.

Welcome to an solo episode of Blue Views 324. Harris wasn’t able to record this week with Dan. So Dan handle his business this show.

Dan breaks down the news that broke Friday afternoon that Daniel Jones will NOT be playing vs the Miami Dolphins due to his Neck Strain that was a very big story line going into this week. Some reports stated he will be missing this Sundays game since Tuesday. Others said he has a chance of playing. We all just flat out had no clue and hoped for the best. The best didn’t come and Daniel Is out for at least this week.

I go into more of the matchup of two former Pats Assistant coaches under Bill Belichick. They have the same core values and I joked its like the two spiderman meme with them pointing to each other. They are very similar ran teams.

After previewing this weeks game, Dan and his Wife had a once in a life time moment with being on the field during Michael Strahan’s Jersey Retirement last Sunday vs the Eagles. It was a moment we will remember for a very very long time.

Talk to you all next week! As Always Go Giants and Thanks for Listening.

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