Blue Views 324: Close But No Cigar

Dan and Harris welcome you back to another episode of Blue Views 324, We recap another awful loss to the Kansas City Chiefs 20-17 and preview Sunday’s game vs the Raiders.

What went wrong and what went right in the soul crushing 20-17 loss to KC. The Giants had their chances and didn’t capitalize. Who is to blame for this defeat? Can this year’s team dig themselves out of this massive 2-6 hole to finish the season with a respectful way or is it another season being over before Thanksgiving? Its looking more toward the latter which is a huge bummer.

With the Giants being home on to face the Raiders. It is a good time to upset them with everything that has been going on with the Raiders between Jon Gruden getting fired a few weeks ago and the awful news about Henry Ruggs’ horrible DUI car accident that killed another person. They have been playing well but at some point, these awful events would have to take a toll you would think. What is in them to expect this Sunday when they have to travel out east which has been always hard for this team. It really will be interesting to see how resilient the Raiders potentially can be.

What will the Giants have to do to go off to the bye week the right way? We  all hope they get the job done. But we all know more games are lost then won in the NFL and The Giants cant seem to shake that off for this season. Too many games so far the Giants have taken teams off the hook and lost.

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