Blue Views 324: Big Blue Festivus

Here we are again, the Giants are 4-8 at the moment. The whole organization, everyone from the Owners down to the youngest Giant fan is just crushed by another disappointing season. Harris and Dan vent and clear some air like our very own Giants festivus episode.

We start off with Joe Judge after his refreshing first season with us looking he was righting the ship. Year two has been one wild and a bumpy ride. Every week he preaches the same things every week and it just seems like the team is doing opposite at times and it makes little to no sense and IT HAS to be corrected if he wants to stay here.

Next topic we talk about is the bizarre injury that is Daniel Jones neck. Reports came out today that he in fact has structural damage to it and has yet to be cleared for contact. With something so serious as a neck injury I really hope for DJ’s sake we don’t see him for the rest of the season even though it is really important for him to do so, but his health comes first. We are pulling for you Daniel heal up.

Lastly, yesterday rumors have been reported that Seattle Seahawk Russell Wilson would accept taking off his no trade clause in his contract for three teams, one of them was the Giants. Would it be a smart move or a dumb move for the Giants to go after one of the premier QB’s in the whole league or do build the team the right away and start with finally correcting the lines like Gettleman was suppose to do the last few years under his tenure as team President and GM.

As always hope you enjoy and Go Giants.

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