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We are doing something different this week since the Giants don’t play until Monday night. Dan and Harris figured they would give you a quick recap of the Giants 25-3 victory from this past Sunday.

The first half was a very slow start for both offenses. Thankfully with the Giants defense came to play by forcing a safety and causing a INT to keep the game at 5-3 going into half time.

The offense opened it up in the 2nd half and scored 20 unanswered points and sealed the win. Before they wrapped it up Daniel Jones made an impressive one handed grab to wake up the offense and the fans that attended the game! That play went wild on social media as it should.

Daniel Jones is slowly becoming a franchise QB that everyone has been hoping and wishing for. He has been growing each and every week. He still has ways to go but he is slowly convincing the fan base more and more each week by his consistent play do all the talking.

We will talk to you later this week to preview the Chiefs game on MNF. Until then Go Giants!

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