Yesterday was a very bittersweet day for Giants fans young and old. If you have been living under a rock the last 24 hours The Giants have named Daniel Jones to start week three vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Tampa Bay.

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My first instant reaction of Coach Shurmur Monday’s press conference when he was asked if Eli was going to start at quarterback he left it wide open and didn’t commit to Eli like he had did the whole preseason and the first two games. I knew something was up. If you eat, breathe and sleep New York Giants football, you know how they handle things. That was an alarm that something is going to happen.

Then yesterday morning happened. I started to get the alerts and text messages from my friends and family. I had to take a few mins to collect my thoughts, especially for someone who has watched every snap of his 16 year career. Like I mentioned in the last paragraph, I wasn’t shocked or upset about the news. I was able to process the move for being for what is worth.

The Bitter

The Giants organization as a whole finally realized what most of the fan base and NFL community wanted which was Daniel Jones to start. With the shit show that has been put out on the field, and not to mention the holes on the roster, The Giants and Eli didn’t have a chance to excel this season. It wasn’t fair to Eli and Giant fans across the nation especially those like myself who have season ticket to witness the garage on the field.

As a big Eli fan, I know he going to do the right. thing like he always has have the last 16 years He is going to a professional and take Daniel Jones under his wing and watch him hopefully grow into something we had with Eli for all these years.

The Sweet

Now that the move has finally been made, it is time for Daniel Jones to show and prove a lot of people wrong myself included. With 14 games left into the season, the Giants will hopefully be able to see if they have a future with him.

It’s exciting to see a new fresh new face and not knowing what to expect to be completely honest. He showed flashes during the pre season and has exceeded most of the expectations that the organization had for him.

Time to shine Daniel and I’ll be seeing you in Tampa this Sunday!

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