Best Time of the Year

Well, here it is, we made it. Everybody survived the dog days of summer. It’s officially the best time of the year. Just so everybody is aware, this article has NOTHING to do with Pumpkin anything. It has to do with my favorite time of the year.

Labor Day weekend marks the last weekend of the summer. You know, those 2 months of July and August when there is nothing except for baseball on, unless you are a fan tennis and other sports. Not that I have a problem with baseball, I do love baseball, even when the Mets are the worst they have been since 2009. Labor Day weekend is the start of the College football, yes I know a lot of the games are boring and blow outs, but who cares, it’s football. If you aren’t a college football fan, that’s okay, because Labor Day weekend is the last weekend of the year without the National Football League!


Every year, the Thursday after Labor day, the previous years Super Bowl champ, host the official first game of the NFL season. It’s the start of football season, from Labor Day Weekend until the First Sunday of February, every Thursday-Monday, there is some kind of football on. Football is great because they play the least amount of games, so ideally every game is a big game. With fantasy sports being as big as it is, every one seems to have their own team to root for in the NFL, however, most people seem to have a huge interest in the entire league. I find that following the entire league makes sports a lot better. I mean, I don’t sit around and study every games film and stats, no I just like to watch highlights of most games, keep track of certain players, you know for fantasy football. It also helps me come playoff time, which teams are in the hunt, which players can make big impacts. College football, I love to watch Michigan but I also like to keep track of players you hear a lot because come draft season, I like to know some things about players being drafted. But, football isn’t the only sport returning in September.


NHL training camps open up in the middle of September as well. I know, I know, not many people enjoy hockey, but, I believe 2 things. 1. Most of the people who don’t like hockey really means that they just aren’t passionate about it but still watch. 2. Don’t hate on it until you try it. I have known people who aren’t hockey fans, who i’d bring to a game and they would get the experience and the next thing you know, they are asking me if I see games or goals or anything that happens in a hockey game. Yes, I know the saying, “is it October yet?” when it comes to hockey, however, September is when the players start to come into town. Pre training camp workouts begin. Training came beings! I know, I have told plenty of people how much I dislike preseason sports, but I still understand the value of it and September is when the preseason games are played in the NHL.


September also means, MLB playoff hunt and expanded rosters. Well, forget expanded rosters in the MLB because it’s a waste of time to discuss. Playoff races are the best time for baseball. I love baseball, but mid summer, the dog days of summer, it just gets too much and I need another sport. Once September rolls around, it’s standing watching time. For those who love the magic number countdown, just like myself, you would love playoff magic website . Who’s in the hunt, who’s in the race for the final playoff spots, can teams jump other teams to make the playoffs. Will team’s hold onto their playoff spots? We have also seen in baseball, the teams that get hot in September are fun to watch in October.


September is the best time of the year, it means beings that time of the year, when all sports are coming back. It means that until July, baseball isn’t the only sport. Nothing against baseball, of course. If you know me, it’s my third favorite sport.


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