Behan’s Take: Giants Recap 0-3

As the old Jewish saying goes Oy Vey! What a game! Unfortunately the Giants were on the wrong side of a 61 yard field goal as time expires by rookie kicker Jake Elliott to lose 27-24. As I told my wife as the play was about to happen if he makes this kick this season just isn’t going our way this early part of the season. Sure enough he connected and that left alot of discussions to be had for Giants Nation. 

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So being 0-3 isn’t good obviously, but there was a ton of positives and negatives. As the Heath Ledger’s Joker said in the “Dark Knight” AND HERE WE GO!


  1.  The offensive line was able to protect Eli. The Eagles did not record a sack and was only to hit him four total times in the game. Not bad for all things considered the last few years!
  2. The offense for the first time since last November, scored more then 20 points in a game with 24 points !
  3. The Giants took advantage of the Eagles depleted secondary and was able to find the soft patches of the defense and complete throws. Odell Beckham Jr and Sterling Shepard carried the load and was able to find the end zone 3 times combined.  It helped the Giants get some life in the 4th quarter.


  1. The Giants run defense was not their normal selves. They were gashed and basically ran over in this game by the Eagles running game. It was very non Giants like and gave up a total of 193 rushing yards. The combination of running backs were able to find their own ways to gain yardage. Lets hope this was just for one game.
  2.  Eli Apple, what can I say. He was not able to turn around on plays and was flagged on two pass interference calls.  Its really amazing, if he just is able to make a play on the ball, he would be able to compete many interceptions. He is still very young and unproven. Hopefully this trend stops and he makes more plays on the ball.
  3. Odell Beckham Jr being a knuckle head and getting flagged for taunted after his first touchdown by acting like a dog and pissing like one. At 1st, I’ll admit I chucked and  I even was going to post that picture if they ended up winning… BUT once again no one on the Giants sideline took him to the side or ripped him by the helmet and told him to cool it with the excessive celebrations. If you know me, I love touchdown celebrations, but when do we say enough is enough on getting flagged 15 yards almost every game and no one every saying anything.
  4. The running game once again did little to nothing. Its the weekly trend obviously, but this week I have to blame the coaching staff on the running play calls. Two come to mind, first one was the toss on a 3rd and inches in the 1st half which led to negative yard. The second was on a 4th and 1 on the Eagles one yard line and Darkwa got stuffed four yards back for the loss of downs and ended the first half.

Overall the Giants played well enough to win obviously, but it took an impressive kick to beat them. Of course I was mad that they  lose and is 0-3, but they did enough positive things for me to look forward to Sunday’s game vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I know it looks bleak right now for the Giants nation, but stick with our men and we will overcome this and end the season on  more of a positive note then how it has started.

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