Behan’s Take Giants-Cowboy Recap

After two nights and non-stop listening to WFAN and ESPN New York, I’m ready to do my recap of the brutal week 1 losing to the Dallas Cowboys 19-3.

Unfortunately if you read and watched my pre-game blog on Sunday, what I feared came true.

  1.  Odell Not Playing ( not going to make this as an excuse) The wide receivers did not step up in his absence and it glaring how much the Giants missed Odell.   Rodger Lewis Jr… Yes you read that right,  Rodger Lewis Jr, led the team in receiving yards with a whopping 54 yards on 4 catches. Sterling Shepard had the volume with 7 catches but was only able to muster up 44 yards on Sunday. The biggest head scratcher of the wide receivers with a lack luster outing was Brandon Marshall.  He only had one catch of the game in the closing seconds of the game for only 10 yards. All fairness to Brandon, it felt like Eli and him still needs to get in the same page with each other. The only  legit time prior to his lone catch, Eli got happy feet and over threw him. If that play was completed, he would of been able to turn up the field and received a huge first down and maybe more in the third quarter.
  2. Was the offensive line going to give Eli enough time to throw and let the Giants set up the running game? The answer was a big astounding NO!  It started in the first quarter after the defense was able to hold  on its first few drives. The offense was only able to be on the field for 6 total offensive plays… if you want to win games that’s the last thing you would like to see at any point of the game, let alone a quarter.  The scary thing with this outing by the O-line was they made the Cowboys front 4 looked like the ’85 Bears and ’00 Ravens. Something has to give.  Its been almost two and half season with the same exact offensive line and Eli is still running for his life and its going to be real scary for the rest of the season vs more respected defensive fronts. It can make for a long season if this isn’t fix and it’s a real shame if it doesn’t get fixed.
  3.  Defense-  I felt terrible for the defense on Sunday night.  They played with heart and passion which we all expected. With the offense not  being able to establish any sort of offensive game plan, the defense was on the field majority of the game other then the start of the third quarter. I truly believe the Giants were very lucky that the Cowboys only scored 19 points and were able to hold the Cowboys to 4 Field goals and a single touchdown to Giants killer Jason Witten.  They were really lucky that Dak Prescott didn’t capitalize on scoring more touchdowns. He over threw Dez a few times in the red zone. If he was able to make the throws to Dez, their stat line would of looked even better.

In the Pre-game blog I mentioned that my matchup of the night was going to be Dez Bryant vs Jackrabbit Jenkins. I believe Jenkins won another one on Dez, other then the one defensive pass interference. Dez had a very quite game with 2 catches for 43 yards. It was fun to watch these guys go at it and trash talk though out the whole game.  It would of went the other way if Dak was able to complete any of his early throws to Dez in the first quarter.

Game Ball-  It’s tough to give someone a game ball when the Giants lose 19-3  but my choice for the game ball was second year middle linebacker BJ Goodson. In his first career start, he totaled 14 solo tackles and 4 assisted tackles. He looked like he belonged and I liked him since his days at Clemson. I was really excited to see him finally get a start. Hopefully he stays healthy through out the whole season, adds to his tackle total and leads our already good defense to being a great one.

Extra Sprints after Practice- The whole offense. If you go back to read number one and two in my break down at the top and watched the game,  you would agree with me.  It was very frustrating for any giant fan. The Giants offense needs to wakes up and be ready to play better on Monday night vs Lions in front of the home fans. If not, it can get real ugly early with the boo-birds in the stands and rightfully so.

Overall, its just game one of a sixteen game season. Obviously its not how we wanted to start a season, but the team needs to be have a short term memory and work hard this upcoming week and focus on beating the Lions. It’s prime time game at home. Hopefully the offense responds to the criticism and performs to what we all have visions of it being.

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