Snow Must Go

A look at why the Isles need to move on from their long time General Manager


We’ve all worked with that guy. He’s clearly smart, he’s the most tenured guy in the office and has done some good things in the past. He got by cause he was buddies with the boss but when you really sit back and look at his track record you’re not sure he’s actually good at his job. That’s where we stand with Garth Snow. I don’t think he’s good at his job and I think it’s time for him to go, and unfortunately take his pals with him. Continue reading “Snow Must Go”


What Could’ve Been

As I sifted through the dumpster fire that is #metstwitter the other day I came across the yet another conversation of the payroll. It started with the a scoop from New York Post beat writer Mike Puma that free agent Mike Moustakas most likely isn’t in the cards for the Mets. While he would be an obvious upgrade, I’m not crazy about giving him the deal he requests but that’s another story for another day. As the conversation moved along to the blame game, as it usually does, it landed two people ( or I guess parties in this case) the Wilpon’s and for some ungodly reason David Wright. The 7-time all star is set to make 20 million dollars this season even though he is nowhere near worth it due to his injuries. Reasonable people understand that not only was the captain on his way to a borderline hall of fame career, but even if he walks away which so many seem to think will solve the issue, he still gets paid. So if Fred and Jeff are an frugal as we think a playing Wright is no different than a retired one. This conversation brings my thoughts to the unfilled potential of the 06-08 teams. All the talent in the world but all plagued with one issue or another. Continue reading “What Could’ve Been”

We’re Baaaaaaaccckk

The date was December 10th 2005. The New York Islanders faced the Edmonton Oilers in what was a meaningless game in the grand scheme of things outside of the fact that it was former Isles captain Michael Peca’s first game back at the coliseum after he was traded during the offseason. For myself though, this game would unknowingly change my life. It was my first islander game, Rick Dipietro made 27 saves, Trent Hunter scored the game winning goal in the shootout and the Isles won 3-2. Since then the Islanders have been a huge part of my life and today they officially return to Nassau County, where they belong. Continue reading “We’re Baaaaaaaccckk”

Making Moves

A look at the Mets options this off season

Today is the start of the annual winter meetings. A time when all the GMs and agents in baseball are in one place to talk about trades, free agents and baseball in general. It is an important one for the Mets this year as they have multiple holes to fill with limited resources to fill them. Second base, outfield, bullpen and maybe even first base are all spots the Mets would like to add players at so let’s take a look at the options. The good news is I’ve had lot of time to think about these holes, considering I started thinking last July Continue reading “Making Moves”

A Winning Formula

This week the newest Marvel comics movie “Thor: Ragnarok” was released into theaters and like I do for all of them I went to see it. Once again the people at marvel studios made a great movie enjoyable for audiences of all ages. The combination of action, acting, special effects and witty banter make this movie well worth the price of admission. Due to my sports brain that is hard to turn off, every time a new Marvel movie comes out I feel the need to rank it among the other and it’s becoming increasingly harder to do. The reason for this, I found, is that I think they are all the same. Continue reading “A Winning Formula”

Still a long Calla-Way to go, but its a start

The Mets got the offseason started a little early on Sunday as they made their decision on who will be the 21st manager of the franchise. Who was the lucky winner? Former Cleveland Indians pitching coach 42 year old Mickey Callaway. Of the interviewed candidates I think the Mets got the best one and certainty the best fit for the team. I wasn’t all that thrilled with the rumors that it would be Kevin Long just because I was looking for a new face. Super Joe would’ve been nice but mainly for nostalgia purposes that’s not to say Joe won’t be a good manager someday, I’m sure he will, and I would like to see him as the bench coach if he’s open to the idea. Manny Acta was another candidate I wasn’t too thrilled with considering his young managing career hasn’t started great with 6 losing seasons. But what do we know about Mickey?

Continue reading “Still a long Calla-Way to go, but its a start”

Another Thriller in Jerry World

Check out a Recap of the Packers VS Cowboys thriller in week 5

1:13 left on the clock. One timeout. TD wins the game, field goal ties it. Who do you want running your offense? Brady? Can’t really go wrong with that one. A Manning perhaps? It depends on what time of the year the game is but Peyton or Eli would give off the confidence that you’ll at least get the game to overtime. How bout Montana? 4 super bowl rings, MVP in 3 of them. Certainly “Joe Cool” will get it done. Well you can have all of them. I’ll take number 12 in the green and gold. I’ve seen it too many times to not take him. The poise, the confidence, the swagger that no matter how much time is on the clock, we got this and on Sunday get it he did. This is a bold statement but I’m going with it, we are witnessing the best quarterback to ever do it.

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Who’s the boss?

A preview of the search for the Manager of the 2018 New York Mets.

As the 2017 Mets season comes to a close in a fashion that not many of us saw coming and none of us hoped was coming, its time to start looking forward to next year. To quote Bob Dylan “The times they are a changin” in queens, and by that i mean, for the first time in 8 years it doesn’t look like Terry Collins will be the manager of the Mets. Continue reading “Who’s the boss?”

Are they for real?

A week one recap of the Green Bay Packers win over the Seattle Seahawks

Where did that come from?! Last we saw Packers defense they were getting torched by the Falcons and looking utterly over matched, well things have changed. The defense led the Pack to a 17-9 win over the rival Seahawks to open the season. The win marked the 3rd in a row against Seattle since the 2014 NFC championship game debacle and the 3rd straight year they opened up the season with a win.

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All in?

The 2016-2017 season was one filled with high hopes and empty results for the New York Islanders. After winning their first playoff series in 23 years, expectations were high for the team to take the next step and seriously compete in the eastern conference. There was significant turnover in the roster as fan favorites Kyle Okposo, Frans Nielsen and Matt Martin leaving for greener pastures(green being the operative word). They were set to be replaced by Veterans Andrew Ladd, Jason Chimera, PA Parenteau and youngsters Mathew Barzal and Anthony Beauvillier. The early struggles of Ladd and Chimera as questionable coaching and management decisions, like carrying 3 goalies and keeping Barzal with the team for a month and only playing him twice, lead the isles to dead last in the east. On January 17th Jack Capuano was fired and replaced by Doug Weight and turned the season around. The islanders went 24-14-4 under Weight and made a run at a playoff spot, only to fall 1 point short. An unfortunate ending to a seasons filled with regrets made this offseason a very intriguing one.

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