SNDP 283: It’s Only April!!!!!!

With baseball back in full swing, the gang breaks down all things Major league baseball. We go into the not the hottest of starts for both local teams.

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SNDP 281: We Are Changing Things Up

We start episode 282 with the absolute madness of a conversation about the states and changing the borders of the country and some crazy football memories.

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FASTBREAKS EP 30: Go, New York, Go, New York, Go!!!

FASTBREAKS EP 30: Go, New York, Go, New York, Go!!! 

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SNDP 280: Chase Daniel

We start episode 280 with a good old fashion SND rabbit hole of backup quarterbacks starting with Chase Daniel and the 2009 draft and going off from there. Then jump off to talk of the new name for the Washington football team, which apparently won’t happen till next year.

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SNDP 279: A Little Bit Of Everything

The boys are back with Episode 279 and we are going off the cuff. We start with the Mets and discuss their offseason. They missed out on the big fish free agents but still had a very good We break down the depth they have added and the potential free agents they have. Can they compete? We also talk about the Yankees offseason. They Brought back everyone but did not do much of anything else. Will it be enough? 

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SNDP Special: Super Bowl LV Preview


This week is our super bowl preview show! The big game is a week away and it’s time to break it down SND style. Tom Brady leads a veteran Bucs team into the first super bowl home game in NFL history against the defending champs lead by Andy Reid and the best player in the league Pat Mahomes. We also dive into the draft a bit to discuss the possibilities of where some QBs might last. We got through some prop bets for the big game and what we would choose.

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SNDP 278: Fess Returns To Talk Islanders Hockey!

Episode 278 is a special one! A little differently, Steven runs solo this week in a way. However, he isn’t fully solo! He is joined by head of the Blue and Orange Army, Fess!

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SNDP # 277: What A Turn Of Events

On Episode 277 we recap the week that was in sports. The Packers had a crushing loss and Vin rants about it. The Chiefs are going back to the super bowl after they beat bills mafia and Mahomes and Brady matchup for a game for the games. GOAT vs the best in the league. Also, Matt Stafford is getting out of Detroit finally in hopes of better luck. And we talk about Friday night lights and Paul Walker.

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FASTBREAKS EP 29: Who Runs New York?

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