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A week one recap of the Green Bay Packers win over the Seattle Seahawks

Where did that come from?! Last we saw Packers defense they were getting torched by the Falcons and looking utterly over matched, well things have changed. The defense led the Pack to a 17-9 win over the rival Seahawks to open the season. The win marked the 3rd in a row against Seattle since the 2014 NFC championship game debacle and the 3rd straight year they opened up the season with a win.

The great, the good and the bad

Great- As I mentioned the defense led the way. They held Seattle it 225 total yard of offense and kept them out of the end zone, holding them to just 3 field goals. The D-line was dominant which helped the secondary hide what weaknesses and inexperience might be there. They held Seattle to 50 yard rushing on 16 carries, if you take out the 40 Wilson was able to scramble for. If they can continue to stop the run out of their “nitro” package with Morgan Burnett playing linebacker the defense will be in great shape all season.

Good- The Offense played well enough to get the win. Rodgers and the passing game were kept out of sync at times by the vaunted Seattle defense. Ty Montgomery led the way on the ground and looked great, running hard and with a purpose. I’m very excited for the matchup problems Ty can create this year as a running back and pass catcher. The line struggled but missing their anchor at left tackle that was too be expected and will be fixed. The offense will get in-sync eventually, no worries or need to “R-E-L-A-X” here.

Bad- Only one thing in this game could be considered bad in this game and it was the halftime coaching decision by coach McCarthy. After a punt the Seahawks got the ball with 53 seconds left in the half on the 11 yard line and were content to run out the clock. With the Packers getting the ball at half it would be like they never even punted, but Mike didn’t let them run it out , and it blew up in his face. He called his 2nd timeout after a first down run at 48 seconds and his third with 43 seconds after a second down run. Here is where I have an issue. I could at least understand the plan if he had all 3 timeouts, but even if the packers stopped Seattle on 3rd and 3, they play was going to take at least 3 seconds and then they wouldn’t even have to punt to end the half. Instead they converted the 3rd down, Wilson made a play with his legs and Seattle got 3 points before the end of the half. It was a no win situation. This isn’t the first time he’s done it and not he first time it’s blown up in his face and it pisses me off every time.

3 stars of the game

3rd star- Randall Cobb (9 catches 85 yards) A big game from Cobb hopefully is the start to a rebound season for the Packers slot receiver. A resurgence from him could make the offense virtually unstoppable

2nd star- Aaron Rodgers ( 311 yards 1TD, 1 INT) Rodgers really got it going in the second half and rebounded after a bad INT in the first quarter that probably should’ve been a pick-6 if it wasn’t for a questionable block in the back call on the return. He lead the offense to success on the last 4 drives of the game (TD, TD, FG and end of game) including one of his signature “free play” TDs to Jordy Nelson.

1st star- Mike Daniels ( 7 tackles, 1.5 sacks, 2.5 TFL, 1 FF and 4 QB hits) Daniels dominated his game from start to finish. He kept Wilson and the Seahawks passing offense out of sync all day, including disrupting Wilson on what would have been a sure TD in the first quarter. His forced fumble lead immediately to the packers first score as it only took one 6-yard run on the ensuing drive for Montgomery to punch it in. He is starting to make a name from himself as an elite interior linemen.

Next week the Packers take on defending NFC champion Falcons in the first game in their new home. It’s a rematch of last years Championship game and for one, I can’t wait, Because like I said in the preseason “The North Remembers

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